Okocha Becomes BetKing Ambassador

Former Super Eagles captain Austin Okocha was on Thursday named the ambassador of a new sports betting platform BetKing in Lagos.

Okocha was unveiled at the launch of the sports betting platform.

“I’ve trained my whole life to be a winner and I know that to be the best takes passion and persistence. Similarly, BetKing’s philosophy really speaks to me because it believes that everyone has a chance to become the king of their own destiny,” Okocha said.

Chief Executive Officer of the outfit Byron Petzer said BetKing had used their experience of over 80 years in the industry to develop and customise a state of the art platform which offers world class odds and bonuses to customers.

He said, “We are committed to changing the face of the sports betting industry in Nigeria and will be continuously customising and developing new products with attractive innovative features, whilst maintaining our philosophy of putting our agents and online customers first.”

The outfit, which is currently licensed in Lagos, Anambra, Oyo and Osun states, said they believe their customers are kings.

BetKing co-founder Adekunle Adeniji said the organisation would create jobs, adding that their package also included special promotions and spotlights on winners and top performing agents.

He added, “BetKing will also focus on contributing to Nigerian society. By creating over 4000 jobs in 12 months through its agency network across the country, BetKing will be offering all Nigerians the opportunities to become kingmakers.”

He said the platform would also offer customers the opportunity to bet on other sports apart from football.

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